Designer Frames & Sunglasses

Illusion Eyewear & Eyecare is the premier destination in Mississauga for all your favourite designer frames and sunglasses. You will find all the newest styles straight from the most exclusive fashion houses around the world.

State of the art lens technology ensures precise and perfect vision every time. We carry the most trusted brand names in the industry including:


When shopping for designer eyewear, keep in mind that the frame should fit comfortably on your face. However, if your frame is too large, or does not fit your head properly, it can often be adjusted. Metal frames can be bent slightly to better conform to your face and head. Plastic frames can be heated and reshaped for a custom fit.

Color & Shape.

Whether it be specs or shades, the design of your choice will reflect your individual taste. Eyeglasses no longer serve a solely utilitarian function. Today wearing glasses is all about "seeing and being seen". Whether the occasion calls for a formal look or a playful vibe, you will find a wide array of beautiful designer frames in our Mississauga store. With the best selection of designer eyewear collections, we carry everything from "little black dress" looks to more office appropriate styles. Sunglass aficionados have virtually unlimited choices available - bold shapes, bright colours and funky details provide a fun outlet to express your unique personality while protecting your eyes from harmful rays.


If you require Rx eyewear full time you will appreciate the comfort and protection that a quality pair of prescription sunglasses provides. Our Mississauga location carries all the newest styles for driving, outdoor activities or just lounging by the pool. We provide the latest lens technology available to accommodate virtually any prescription.


With so many reasons to shield your eyes from the sun today, wanting maximum protection from the rays is a priority for many. Our Mississauga store carries a wide variety of "wrap around" styles that are very popular due to the physical barrier they provide. The curved shape of a wrap around will fit close to your face limiting the amount of light entering through the top, bottom and sides. Sometimes, quality of vision can be compromised in these styles due to the curvature of the lenses. We stock many styles with Rx compatible curves to optimize your vision while providing all the benefits of a wrap around frame.